Workout during Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 9

Working out while you’re pregnant offers lots of benefits for you and your baby. You'll get a boost in mood, a decrease in many pregnancy symptoms, and a quicker postpartum recovery. And your baby may enjoy a fitter heart, lower BMI, and boost in brain health.

Exercise is perfectly safe, as long as you get the okay from your practitioner before hitting any new or familiar workout routine and follow a few pregnancy-specific modifications. You can still benefit from getting active during pregnancy.

So lace up those sneakers and get going! But before you do, read these guidelines and learn about some of the best exercises for pregnant women.

How much exercise should I get during pregnancy?

Study suggests that expecting mums get at least 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day, most if not all days of the week.

What counts toward that 30 minutes? As far as your heart and general health are concerned, three 10-minute walks sprinkled throughout the day are just as beneficial as 30 minutes on the treadmill or bike at the gym. For that matter, even non-exercise activity — like 15 minutes of vacuuming and 15 minutes of light yard work — counts toward your daily goal.

Are there any risks of exercising while I'm pregnant?

Most women can still enjoy most fitness activities. In fact, many exercises that are off-limits during pregnancy (like mountain biking or downhill skiing) are ones you’d probably have a hard time doing with a football-sized tummy anyway.

That said, definitely be sure to get the go-ahead from your practitioner before you start any exercise program during pregnancy. Some conditions (such as severe anaemia, placenta previa, incompetent cervix and ruptured membranes, among others) can rule out exercise during pregnancy.

What are the best cardio exercises I can do while I'm pregnant?

As long as you get the go-ahead to exercise from your practitioner, you can consider the following cardiovascular exercises to increase blood circulation, muscle tone and endurance (which you’ll be thankful for come delivery day):

· Swimming

· Running

· Walking

· Ellipticals and stair climbers

· Group dance or aerobics classes

· Indoor cycling

· Group dance or aerobics classes

· Kickboxing

What are the best strength and flexibility exercises I can do while I'm pregnant?

Strength workouts help maintain and build your muscles. Stronger and more flexible muscles, in turn, help you to bear the weight you gain throughout your pregnancy and protect your joints from injuries as your ligaments relax. As long as you get your doctor's OK to work out, here are the best strengthening exercises for pregnant women:

· Pilates

· Weight lifting

· Barre

· Yoga

· Tai Chi

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